Liposuction Alternatives


Stubborn bulges of fat on certain areas of your body can be frustrating and can make you feel less good about yourself. With today’s advanced technology, you can eliminate these unsightly bulges without surgery. Dr. Monica Bonakdar’s Orange County liposuction alternatives may be right for your goals and expectations. To schedule a consultation, please call Bonakdar Institute at (949) 393-3433.

Liposuction Alternatives at Bonakdar Institute

Dr. Monica Bonakdar features the most innovative, advanced liposuction alternatives that she trusts to provide you with beautiful, natural, effective results:

These liposuction alternatives remove fat by working above the skin. Using the selected technology’s handheld device, Dr. Bonakdar will gently treat the area where fat is to be eliminated. Because it’s not surgical, you will be able to remain fully awake through the painless procedure. Get back to your regular activities faster and enjoy effective, long-lasting results, all without the hassle, expense and downtime associated with liposuction surgery.

Why choose a Liposuction Alternative?

You may be interested in a non-surgical fat removal system for any number of reasons. Most of our patients want a safe way to slim down fat without a drawn out surgical procedure and recovery. Dr. Bonakdar is personally committed to recommending treatment options with which you will be most satisfied and that are the right fit for your body and the results you want to see.

When you choose a liposuction alternative, advantages you can benefit from include:

  • No incisions
  • No sutures
  • No needles
  • Non-invasive
  • Effective fat reduction

Although many people are great candidates for the body-shaping treatments offered by Dr. Bonakdar, the only way to know if a liposuction alternative is right for you is to visit Bonakdar Institute for a consultation. Dr. Bonakdar will assess the area you want to slim down, and determine if one of these treatments is capable of eliminating the excess fat. If so, she’ll provide the experienced guidance and information you need to decide whether to proceed with a liposuction alternative.

If you are searching for Corona del Mar or Orange County liposuction alternative treatments, please call Bonakdar Institute at (949) 393-3433 to schedule a consultation with experienced non-surgical cosmetic specialist Dr. Monica Bonakdar, MD.