Juverderm Filler Family FAQS


Is The Treatment Painful?

Bonakdar Institute is a Cruelty Free practice using many comfort measures to make your filler experience a pleasant one. Aside from using the smallest needles possible and ice packs, Dr. Bonakdar uses a micro-vibrator to fool the nerve ending during injections. Additionally, all fillers she uses have anesthetic agent in the actual gel.


Will There Be Bruising?

No one wants to get a bruise after their filler treatment. Dr. Bonakdar minimizes your bruising risk with her Bruise Free Protocol using a handheld infrared vein finder called Accuvein. This technologically advanced tool locates the veins under the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. With Accuvein guidance, Dr. Bonakdar avoids piercing big vessels and thus prevents embarrassing bruises.

Dr. Bonakdar still recommends that you schedule your treatment when you can have a few days of downtime in case of swelling and minor bruising. Also, there are measures that you can take to minimize your risk of bruising. Do not drink alcohol or take any vitamins, herbal supplements, and medications that are known to thin the blood 10 days prior to your treatment. These include anticoagulant, aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E, St. John’s wort, Ibuprofen products or any other NSAIDS/non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


How is AmpliPhi™ Filler Treatment Different From A Traditional Facelift?

Many individuals who think that they need a surgical facelift and skin reduction, actually need volume correction. Traditional facelifts pull and tighten the skin transforming a sagging and gaunt face into an unnaturally tight but still gaunt face. Surgerized faces without volume correction appear flat and two dimensional. AmpliPhi™ Filler Treatment restores the natural facial contours and proportions transforming your face into a three-dimensional younger version.

Dr. Bonakdar Understands Your Fears

The top three objections to cosmetic injections even among aesthetically oriented individuals are:

  • Fear of unnatural results
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of bruising and downtime

Dr. Bonakdar understands your fears and has created protocols so that your AmpliPhi™ Filler Treatment is painless, bruise free and results in natural looking improvement.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Doctor For Your Aesthetic Journey

Warren Buffett says: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get!” No one wants to overpay for a service. But forgoing results and safety just to get a “cheap deal” is foolish. You have one face for the rest of your life and it deserves the best, not the cheapest rejuvenation options! Trust your face to a physician based on her expertise and her ability to guide you through your entire aesthetic journey.

1. Who will perform my treatment?
At Our Newport Beach office, Dr. Bonakdar is the only one injecting you!

2. What is the provider’s experience with fillers?
According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bonakdar injects eleven times more fillers than the average plastic surgeon and dermatologist yearly. This high volume has placed her in the top 500 Allergan Partners in the nation out of 15,000 Allergan physicians.

3. How do I get a hold of the office after hours if I have a problem?
As a Bonakdar Institute patient, you are given Dr. Bonakdar’s cell phone number as well as Dr. Bonakdar’s assistant’s cell phone number. With that said, Dr. Bonakdar and her assistant receive almost no calls after hours, because your needs are anticipated and addressed before they become a problem.

4. What could possibly go wrong with a filler treatment?
Buyers beware! Much can go wrong with a filler treatment. For example, an unintentional vascular accident due to filler injected in an artery or a vein may lead to permanent disfigurement and even permanent blindness! Risks of fillers gone wrong are much higher in the hands of a novice injector. Don’t settle for anything but the best.

Should I Be Concerned About Pirated Fillers and Cheap Filler Feals?

From time to time, foreign manufacturers who are not licensed to do business in the US, recruit physician and non-physician injectors to purchase non-FDA approved contraband fillers at cheap prices. These unethical injectors then pass off these deplorable products as brand name products enticing customers with cheap prices!

1. It is illegal for a US licensed physician to purchase any non-FDA approved foreign drug. The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Justice view these activities as drug trafficking.

2. It is unsafe for humans to be injected with non-FDA approved foreign drugs. The internet is full of stories and photos of unsuspecting patients who are now disfigured for life, or worse yet, paid for their mistake with their lives.

3. If these non-FDA approved foreign products don’t harm you, they end up having mediocre results or are completely ineffective.

Buyers Beware! How can you be sure you are getting real FDA approved Juvederm fillers? A colorless odorless gel? By choosing a trustworthy expert with an excellent reputation, vast experience and documented before and after results.

The filler on the shelf is not what you pay for when you choose Dr. Bonakdar as your injector. It is her cumulative years of experience and expertise with aesthetic injectables that makes her special and valuable. The real question is DO YOU DESERVE THE BEST? If your answer is YES, then welcome to Bonakdar Institute.