Platelet Rich Plasma Face and Scalp In Orange County

What Is Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP Therapy?

Blood is made up of 40-45% red blood cells, 55% plasma and 1% white blood cell and platelets. The plasma which contains countless growth factors, along with the platelets are the healing powerhouses of the body. By separating the platelet rich plasma or PRP portion of blood, we create a powerful serum that has the potential to naturally rejuvenate and heal many body tissues. The first field of medicine to harness the benefits of PRP was orthopedic surgery to calm joint inflammation and heal surgical wounds faster. PRP is now used for rejuvenation of many tissues including skin, hair and vaginal tissue. A PRP treatment starts with a simple blood draw and an in-office processing of your blood to separate this “liquid gold” portion.

PRP Therapy at Bonakdar Institute

Dr. Bonakdar has developed multiple tissue rejuvenation protocols using PRP as standalone therapy or in combination with other treatments. Standalone treatments include PRP Antiaging Lift, PRP Hair Growth Treatment as well as O-shot Vaginal Rejuvenation. Combination PRP treatments include Microneedling with PRP,Vivace with PRP, and Fraxel and UltraPulse Laser Resurfacing with PRP.

PRP Antiaging Lift Therapy

The standard for replacing volume loss in the face is dermal filler treatment. PRP Antiaging Lift Therapy is a great addition and in some cases an alternative to dermal fillers. Areas treated include under eyes for hollows and crepiness, the mouth area for lip lines and the jaw angle for lifting and tightening. For optimal results a series of 4 monthly treatments followed by a series of quarterly treatments are recommended.

PRP Hair Growth Therapy

Hair loss is seen in both men and women. Female pattern baldness or alopecia is characterized by a diffuse thinning of the centroparietal region with or without the front hair line involved. Male pattern baldness is characterized by recession of the frontal hair line followed by thinning of the vertex. Dr. Bonakdar’s Hair Growth protocol combines FDA approved medications, hair nutraceuticals, PRP Therapy as well as Laser Phototherapy. Your customized treatment plan will first stop continuation of your hair loss, then the growing hair follicles will begin to thicken, and lastly the dormant hair follicles will transition into growth phase and begin to grow, resulting in thicker and fuller hair. Dr. Bonakdar usually recommends monthly PRP Therapy for four treatments followed by a series of quarterly treatments. While outcomes vary, results are usually visible in three months and continue to improve with time.

PRP for hair