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Doctor Comments on Discount Skin Treatments

Dr. Monica Bonakdar, who specializes in laser skin resurfacing in Newport Beach, warns patients to be cautious about low-priced skin procedures advertised online. She urges people to seek qualified specialists who offer reliable treatment options.

Newport Beach, California (June 2012) – Dr. Monica Bonakdar of Bonakdar Institute warns patients against discount prices for treatments such as laser skin resurfacing and BOTOX® Cosmetic in Newport Beach.

Dr. Bonakdar says discount prices can sometimes mean discount treatment quality, so patients should carefully question establishments offering such deals about the practitioners' qualifications as well as the quality and safety of the treatments.

"The saying, 'You get what you pay for' is especially true when it comes to cosmetic treatments," Dr. Bonakdar says. "While some qualified specialists will occasionally offer specials on procedures, it is vital that a patient check the specialist's training and experience and learn the qualifications of the person who will be doing the actual work."

Dr. Bonakdar has extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology, and she performs treatments such as laser skin resurfacing in Newport Beach herself.

"One of the keys to a successful treatment is ensuring that the procedure is performed by a qualified specialist," she says. "I perform all laser skin rejuvenation treatments at my practice, so patients feel comfortable knowing they're getting high-quality service.

"Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent treatment for conditions such as wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone and texture. I offer a range of cosmetic technologies to address a variety of skin concerns."

Dr. Bonakdar specializes in creating custom treatment plans for patients. She treats a wide range of skin conditions and offers the latest procedural techniques for long-lasting results.

"When looking for skin care in Newport Beach, some people only look for the cheapest treatment options," Dr. Bonakdar says. "Investing in quality treatments at fair prices is more likely to result in an improved, refreshed appearance.

"Patients should first find qualified specialists with whom they feel comfortable. Then, they can decide what prices they're willing to pay."

Dr. Bonakdar performs every laser skin rejuvenation treatment herself. This ensures consistent results and continuity of care. To get started, request a consultation online or call us at (949) 393-3433 to schedule an appointment to discuss skin rejuvenation.