Collagen Stimulator Fillers



Who doesn't want to look younger for as long as possible? With semi-permanent fillers, Newport Beach and other Orange County residents can enjoy their results for 1 year or more. Bellafill (formerly Artefill®) is a filler that has been specially developed to work with the skin to gradually promote natural collagen synthesis and restore youthful facial volume.

Find out how you can look younger longer with Bellafill or Sculptra Aesthetic in Newport Beach. Request a consultation online, or call (949) 721-6000 to schedule your appointment. Dr. Bonakdar sees patients for Bellafill from Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach and throughout Orange County.

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Your Treatment with Bellafill

Dr. Bonakdar has extensive experience with Bellafill. On average, she administers over 1,000 Filler injections per year (where as the average physician performs around 100). She is also a national trainer for Bellafilland Bonakdar Institute has been selected as an BellafillCenter of Excellence.

Bellafill offers a long-term solution for wrinkle correction. Unlike other types of dermal fillers, which are easily broken down by the body and require frequent repeat injections, Bellafill contains unique PMMA microspheres that the body won't absorb. These microspheres work with your skin's own collagen to create a support matrix that improves the look of wrinkles with just 1 to 2 treatments. Bellafill is a particularly effective option for people who are concerned with correcting the nasolabial folds, also known as "laugh lines," that frame the mouth.

Knowing What to Expect

Treatment with Bellafill is a very quick and simple in-office procedure that can usually take under 30 minutes. Dr. Bonakdar will strategically place the filler under the skin using a special microcannula and injection pump. The microcannula reduces bruising and swelling and provides a more comfortable procedure because it does not puncture important blood vessels like a standard needle does. The injection pump uses controlled air pressure rather than manual force to deliver the filler into the skin. This combination provides Dr. Bonakdar with more precision and control over the filler placement.

Once your procedure is complete, you will be able to resume your normal activities without disruption of your daily routine. You will see mild improvement immediately but your full results will take several weeks to develop. Bellafill is usually used in conjunction with other med spa procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic and Ultherapy®.