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Skin Maintenance & Preventive Care ORANGE COUNTY, CA

You may be tempted to set yourself new fitness goals, like starting up Pilates or heading out on morning runs. And while we applaud your effort to keep yourself healthy, we have to wonder if you are thinking of your skin’s fitness as well. After you’ve had a treatment with us, it’s important to take… Read More

Skin Maintenance & Preventive Care NEWPORT BEACH, CA

Have you ever found your skin suddenly angry and red? Sometimes, it takes a little bit of backtracking to figure out why it’s acting out. Sometimes the culprit is a new cleanser that seemed fine until a few hours later. Other times, it could be active ingredients, like an at-home chemical exfoliating treatment with higher… Read More

Skin Care Corona Del Mar, CA

There are so many factors when it comes to having good skin, whether we’re talking about acne or wrinkles. Genetics, sun exposure, and even diet can contribute to “bad skin,” “good skin,” or even “great skin.” We’re convinced that people who say they have great skin due to genetics are probably just hiding their secret… Read More

Skin Care Corona Del Mar, CA

We always love to see skin transform and improve, which is why we do what we do. But, did you know that there’s something you might not be doing, that could be sabotaging the results of your favorite products and treatments? No matter how many chemical peels you have, or how perfect your skin brightening… Read More

The health question we at Bonakdar Institute are asked the most often is definitely “how can I slow down and reverse aging?” While aging is a natural process, there are things we can do to slow down the process and keep both a youthful appearance and youthful, functioning body. We are learning that pre-mature aging is… Read More


  Skincare represents the largest segment of the cosmetic industry. I meet with men and women who are looking for products that promise to eliminate acne, reduce wrinkles, brighten complexions and much more. Chances are that you are one of the many consumers that have tried a product based on promises, only to be disappointed with… Read More


The transition from winter to spring offers us a rebirth of nature, but it also changes the needs of our skin. Cold, dry air is gradually replaced with warmth and gradual increases in humidity. As flower erupt, pollen fills the air, and gentle springtime breezes set aloft dirt and other particulates that can clog your… Read More

Face Treatments Corona Del Mar, CA

There isn’t much that can compare to the softness of a baby’s skin. Most of us cannot remember when our skin was so soft and smooth. The more we age, the more we may notice that the texture of our skin is changing. Textural roughness, combined with lines, wrinkles, and sagging, are fortunately things we… Read More

Clinical skincare products like those offered at Bonakdar Institute effectively rejuvenate, nourish and refresh your skin, but you can also promote healthy skin by doing the following: Protecting your skin from the sun: In addition to increasing your risk of skin cancer, repeated sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Use a… Read More