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What do you do when your skin looks like it needs hydration, nourishment, a resurfacing treatment, and a rejuvenating deep-cleansing mask? It might sound like a busy night with a lot of skincare products from your bathroom drawers, but those products still might not be enough. Or worse, they may not work together as you… Read More


The transition from winter to spring offers us a rebirth of nature, but it also changes the needs of our skin. Cold, dry air is gradually replaced with warmth and gradual increases in humidity. As flower erupt, pollen fills the air, and gentle springtime breezes set aloft dirt and other particulates that can clog your… Read More

Vivace Experience NEWPORT BEACH, CA

The patient experience, both during and after treatment, is of utmost importance to me. I consider the comfort, effectiveness and ultimate results from a patient perspective as I choose aesthetic procedures for men and women. Collagen Injections were amongst the first non-surgical anti-aging solutions that were introduced for volume loss, but the technique had limitations… Read More


Nothing is better than spending your summer at Newport Beach with a nice cold drink and a good book— after all, it is Orange County! However, although that Southern California sun may have given you the R&R you so badly needed, it may have also left you with a bit more sun damage than you… Read More

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Each year that goes by, we are seeing more and more interest from men who want to preserve or restore their appearance. We appreciate that men are stepping into the limelight without fear, They are courageously making the investment into self-care to feel confident and happy with their appearance. There are several benefits that stem… Read More

For our patients in Newport Beach and Orange County, Juvederm Voluma® XC is a popular non-surgical approach to combating the facial signs of aging.  With more than a decade of experience, Dr. Monica Bonakdar can help you address your sunken cheeks or flat, thin lips with safe and effective Juvederm treatments. Juvederm Voluma® XC is… Read More

Posted: April 17, 2015 There will come a time when facelifts and necklifts as we know them today will no longer be performed, being considered too archaic and perhaps even barbaric. Technologies of the future will bridge the gap between non- invasive and invasive treatments, delivering the miracle of  surgical results with the ease of… Read More

Dr. Bonakdar introduces a new treatment called MonBon Permea Resurfacing. Ideal for those who are not ready for a Fraxel and the down time that comes with it or those that just want a preventative treatment, this novel treatment delivers the convenience of a no down time low level laser resurfacing combined with the boost… Read More

Sun spots are frustrating because they appear on your face, hands and décolletage as early as your 20s. Sun spots also go by the name of age spots or brown spots, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, which occurs when melanin clusters together in your skin. Although sun spots can often be effectively covered with concealer, the… Read More

Did you know Dr. Monica Bonakdar has her own state-of-the-art, advanced skincare line? If not, here you can learn all about Dr. Bonakdar’s skincare products that are formulated to improve and rejuvenate your skin. Dr. Bonakdar’s MonBon physician-grade products can improve your skin by: Cleansing: Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Hydrating Cleanser, and Clarifying Cleanser. Treating: Exfoliating Daily… Read More