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As a beauty expert, I look for skincare products outside of my exclusive MonBon brand that has unique ingredients and skin transforming power. Defenage is one such brand. Defenage is an exclusive clinical skincare line that has been around since 2016 with the ability to unlock the skin’s potential to remain youthful. Defenage contains powerful… Read More

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We are all familiar with the hyaluronic acid / HA dermal fillers and their capacity to bind to 1000 times their weight to water which restores volume loss in the skin. HA fillers have been available in the United States for the last 2 decades and have become one of the most popular nonsurgical facial… Read More

Besides sunscreen, Retinoic Acid from Vitamin A, is one of the most important antiaging ingredients known for prevention and correction of ageing skin. The history of this interesting molecule began in 1971 with its discovery by the famous dermatologist, Dr. Albert Kligman. Retinoic Acid was sold under the name of Retin-A as an extremely effective… Read More

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You may be tempted to set yourself new fitness goals, like starting up Pilates or heading out on morning runs. And while we applaud your effort to keep yourself healthy, we have to wonder if you are thinking of your skin’s fitness as well. After you’ve had a treatment with us, it’s important to take… Read More

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What do you do when your skin looks like it needs hydration, nourishment, a resurfacing treatment, and a rejuvenating deep-cleansing mask? It might sound like a busy night with a lot of skincare products from your bathroom drawers, but those products still might not be enough. Or worse, they may not work together as you… Read More

Facials & Peels ORANGE COUNTY, CA

YouTube gives us so many amazing makeup tutorials, but how can we separate the good skincare advice from the bad? You can’t even trust that YouTubers look how they look due to skin-perfecting filters that can be placed right in front of their camera lense. It’s enough to drive us batty. But just because you… Read More


The transition from winter to spring offers us a rebirth of nature, but it also changes the needs of our skin. Cold, dry air is gradually replaced with warmth and gradual increases in humidity. As flower erupt, pollen fills the air, and gentle springtime breezes set aloft dirt and other particulates that can clog your… Read More

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Age spots are one of the many types of sun damage that develop on your skin. Although the spots appear on the surface of the skin, the damage is in the deeper layers, and it may have happened years before you can visibly see the dark spot. Also known as liver spots and solar lentigo, age… Read More

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The patient experience, both during and after treatment, is of utmost importance to me. I consider the comfort, effectiveness and ultimate results from a patient perspective as I choose aesthetic procedures for men and women. Collagen Injections were amongst the first non-surgical anti-aging solutions that were introduced for volume loss, but the technique had limitations… Read More


Nothing is better than spending your summer at Newport Beach with a nice cold drink and a good book— after all, it is Orange County! However, although that Southern California sun may have given you the R&R you so badly needed, it may have also left you with a bit more sun damage than you… Read More