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Not So Equal Playing Ground Sexual dysfunction happens to both men and women. Male sexual dysfunction solutions are plenty and are well known. In fact, Viagra is practically a household word. I am happy to announce that now the medical community now has solutions to treat female sexual dysfunction. Over 60% of women at some… Read More

o shot in orange county

O-shot is the answer to the silent epidemic affecting women after childbirth and with menopause. An epidemic so silent that most people consider it part of their normal aging. Over 60% of women in their lifetime will suffer from unwelcomed symptoms such as decreased libido, diminished sexual pleasure, and urinary incontinence. Sadly, only 15% of… Read More

ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation Corona Del Mar, CA

As women get older, we may experience thinning of the vaginal walls, decreased lubrication, and tissue inflammation. Menopause is a common culprit for these issues, but it’s not the only explanation for why your vagina might be acting differently lately. Vaginal changes can occur after childbirth, chemotherapy, and even after a medical procedure like a… Read More

Finally, there is an effective, non-surgical way to tighten loose vaginal tissue. Dr. Monica Bonakdar is proud to offer her Orange County and Newport Beach patients ThermiVA treatment, the first and only temperature controlled radio frequency system that provides vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. ThermiVA is a safe and effective body shaping treatment that delivers controlled… Read More

Bonakdar Institute is proud to offer ThermiVA, a new vaginal tightening procedure for women who want to restore intimate aspects of their youthful femininity.  Dr. Monica Bonakdar is a Newport Beach cosmetic physician expert who is committed to providing her patients with the most advanced therapies and treatments available, and ThermiVA is no exception. ThermiVA… Read More