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The Mismatch We have all been taking care of our faces for many year with lasers, toxins, fillers, peels and topicals. But, some of us have been ignoring our neck and chest area. This leads to a disturbing inconsistency between the face looking young,  and the connecting neck and chest looking old. The Only FDA… Read More

Are you tired of your stubborn belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, and saddle bags that aren’t responding to your healthy lifestyle habits?  If you answered yes to this, then you are not alone.  Just like thousands of men and women, I have been frustrated with my upper and lower abdominal fat pooches despite my intense work… Read More

The social phenomenon “taking a selfie” has exploded internationally and inter-generationally. There is even a pop song “Let me take a selfie.” Our clients totally get it when we ask them to send us a “selfie” to discuss their care. Factoid-The word “selfie” won the Word of the Year for 2013 and is now included… Read More

When I first focused my practice in Orange County on cosmetic dermatology, in 2000, I named my practice Beauty, Laser & Wellness Center. This name was descriptive of what I did at the time. Namely, the goal was to create beauty and wellness by using lasers. However, fast forwarding to 2012, I have decided to… Read More

No two people have the same skin conditions, and that’s why my cosmetic dermatology practice in Orange County now offers a variety of products for your needs. The treatment line, called Prescribed Solutions, is a unique approach to skincare that allows me to customize specific formulations based on individual concerns. The creams, serums, and cleansers… Read More

In addition to discovering great new treatment options for my patients and helping them achieve their cosmetic goals at my cosmetic dermatology practice in Orange County, I’ve been working on another way to connect — I’m excited to announce the new Beauty, Laser & Wellness Center Web site. Check it out here: These days,… Read More