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Yes! But let me explain! When I was a young doctor starting my aesthetic practice, I was puzzled by some of the new patients who came to see me declaring that they aged overnight! I didn’t understand why a woman in her 40’s or 50’s would insist that she did not have a single wrinkle… Read More

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Beauty Is Genetic In August 2016, I did a series of posts on celebrity mothers and offsprings who look like doppelgangers, making a point that beauty is genetic. Those lucky enough to possess it, will pass it on to their offspring. In this series, I featured Susan Lori Loughlin and daughters Isabella and Olivia Giannulli,… Read More

I often say that my career purpose and my greatest joy are to transform my clients into youthful and beautiful, natural versions of themselves, thus, increasing their happiness and self-confidence. So, it seemed fitting to ask what exactly is self-confidence? Self-confidence involves both feelings and actions. It is how someone thinks about herself as well… Read More

She looks good "for her age"

Have you ever heard someone say “wow, she looks good for her age!” Hm, are those last three words really necessary? Chances are, they were said quite innocently and meant as a compliment. But the reality is that in 2019, if someone looks good, it shouldn’t matter how old they are. So, I started to… Read More

What is aging

Although everyone is familiar with aging, defining it is not so straightforward. The term “aging” refers to the biological process of growing older in a deleterious sense. When we hear the word “aging”, we think of our grandparents and great-grandparents at the last stages of their lives, when they were no longer useful to society… Read More

What is beauty

Have you ever wondered what beauty is? Does beauty mean the same thing to all people? It is not a cultural construction, and an invention of the fashion industry, nor a backlash against feminism. Beauty is an essential and ineradicable part of human nature that is revered and ferociously pursued in nearly every civilization, and… Read More