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You may have heard about CoolSculpting and thought it was too good to be true. No downtime? No surgery? We completely understand why you’d be a little skeptical. But, believe it. While we couldn’t believe it at first either, we are completely on the CoolSculpting train now. This amazing treatment can help remove stubborn pockets… Read More

Our blood does so much for us. It brings our cells oxygen and helps keep our skin beautiful and glowing. As the pathway for blood, our veins are important in keeping our bodies working as they should. Our veins are easy to ignore when they’re working properly. It’s when our veins start acting up that… Read More

My patients trust me to help them improve aspects of their appearances that make them feel less attractive. Although spider veins do not pose a medical concern, I understand that these networks of small visible veins make almost anyone feel uncomfortable. My spider vein treatments eliminate the problem without downtime. How Spider Veins Develop To understand… Read More

Cellulite can prevent you from donning a swimsuit and enjoying the summer. These embarrassing skin ripples cause many men and women to be self-conscious of certain parts of their body. Contour Wave Therapy can reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you back your confidence. Our expert dermatologist at the Bonakdar Institute offers Contour Wave… Read More

If you are like many of our Newport Beach patients, the holidays mark the beginning of a difficult time when you must balance delectable festive temptations with your fitness goals. With so many scrumptious treats to choose from, many of us decide to postpone our good habits until January, and start over with new resolutions…. Read More

In short, Yes, there are several great non-surgical alternatives to liposuction that will shape and sculpt your body. At Bonakdar Institute, Dr. Monica Bonakdar provides her patients with these alternatives: CoolSculpting VASERShape Liposonix Stubborn pockets of extra fat and loose skin can be a big detriment to your self-esteem and confidence. But surgery involves an… Read More

One of the many perks of living in Southern California is being blessed with year round sunny days. Unfortunately, all this sun is bound to take its toll on your skin, especially if like many Southern Californians you protected and treated your face, while ignoring your neck and chest. Sun exposure activates collagen destroying enzymes… Read More

The Mismatch We have all been taking care of our faces for many year with lasers, toxins, fillers, peels and topicals. But, some of us have been ignoring our neck and chest area. This leads to a disturbing inconsistency between the face looking young,  and the connecting neck and chest looking old. The Only FDA… Read More

Are you tired of your stubborn belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, and saddle bags that aren’t responding to your healthy lifestyle habits?  If you answered yes to this, then you are not alone.  Just like thousands of men and women, I have been frustrated with my upper and lower abdominal fat pooches despite my intense work… Read More

Deeply delivered heat does some remarkable things to skin. The heat = tightening connection When you elevate tissue temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius, the body responds with collagen changes and collagen production. That means you’ll see tighter skin right away and increasing firmness over time. “I tell my patients not to fear “hot” technology…. Read More