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The surface of the skin accumulates dead skin cells, oils and environmental impurities such as dirt every living day making it rough, flaky, dull, and uneven with large pores. How well we take care of the skin surface determines the health and the appearance of the skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead… Read More

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Bless Grandma and Her Home Remedies Did you have a grandma who used common food items as skin remedies? I did, and I often reminisce about this wise woman of my childhood. I remember just having grandma around when I was sick was enough to make me feel better, before she concocted her magic remedies!… Read More

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I created MonBon Clinical Skincare with high levels of active ingredients in elegant formulations to have superior absorption and real results. Beauty Graveyards Do you have a drawer full of barely used skin care products that over-promised and under-delivered? In the industry we call these drawers Beauty Graveyards! In the overcrowded skin care market, we… Read More

Did you know that different types of wrinkles have different causes? Classifying wrinkles helps to determine ideal methods to prevent as well as to treat them. Dynamic Expression Wrinkles What are they: These are wrinkles that happen when we make facial expressions like furrow lines between the brows from frowning or crow’s feet around the… Read More

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Sunscreen Comes In Two Formulations MonBon Shade All Day is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA/UVB SPF 40 protection which comes in two formulations- a physical colored version called Tinted, and a combination physical and chemical version called Sheer. Here is the skinny on the difference between these two sunscreen categories. Physical Sunscreens Physical sunscreen contains… Read More

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We are all familiar with the hyaluronic acid / HA dermal fillers and their capacity to bind to 1000 times their weight to water which restores volume loss in the skin. HA fillers have been available in the United States for the last 2 decades and have become one of the most popular nonsurgical facial… Read More

Besides sunscreen, Retinoic Acid from Vitamin A, is one of the most important anti-aging ingredients known for the prevention and correction of aging skin. The history of this interesting molecule began in 1971 with its discovery by the famous dermatologist, Dr. Albert Kligman. Retinoic Acid was sold under the name of Retin-A as an extremely… Read More

She looks good "for her age"

Have you ever heard someone say “wow, she looks good for her age!” Hm, are those last three words really necessary? Chances are, they were said quite innocently and meant as a compliment. But the reality is that in 2019, if someone looks good, it shouldn’t matter how old they are. So, I started to… Read More

Have you ever found your skin suddenly angry and red? Sometimes, it takes a little bit of backtracking to figure out why it’s acting out. Sometimes the culprit is a new cleanser that seemed fine until a few hours later. Other times, it could be active ingredients, like an at-home chemical exfoliating treatment with higher… Read More

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There are so many factors when it comes to having good skin, whether we’re talking about acne or wrinkles. Genetics, sun exposure, and even diet can contribute to “bad skin,” “good skin,” or even “great skin.” We’re convinced that people who say they have great skin due to genetics are probably just hiding their secret… Read More