Botox Cosmetic and Beyond in Newport Beach, California

First, there was Botox, now there are four FDA approved muscle relaxers available in the United States, with more to come. Muscle relaxers are sometimes referred to as neurotoxins or neuromodulators.

Botox Cosmetic and Newtox Jeuveau

Of the current four muscle relaxers, Dr. Bonakdar has chosen to use Botox Cosmetic and Newtox Jeuveau. Botox has been around for over two decades, whereas Jeuveau recently came to the United States. There are differences in the manufacturing and purification methods of these two drugs that contribute to subtle differences in their results. Differences include the onset of action, duration of action, and level of muscle relaxation. These differences allow Dr. Bonakdar to choose the product that best suits your aesthetic goals.

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Bonakdar For Your Facial Injections

Whether you are considering a Botox treatment for the first time or you are looking for a new expert physician in Orange County for all your aesthetic needs, Bonakdar Institute team and Dr. Bonakdar are here to delight you with an experience like none other.

Dr. Bonakdar specializes in delivering pain-free, bruise-free injectable treatments with extraordinary results. While some dermatologists and plastic surgeons employ mid-level providers such as physician assistants and nurses to perform your injectable treatments, Dr. Bonakdar believes that you deserve her personal attention. So, she personally performs your neurotoxin and filler injections.

After your treatment, you receive Dr. Bonakdar’s personal cell phone number as well as Bonakdar Institute Clinical Team’s cell phone number. With that said, Dr. Bonakdar and Bonakdar Institute receive almost no after hour calls, because this dedicated team follows up with you via phone, text or email after every appointment. They anticipate your needs and resolve any situation that arises before they become problems.

Dr. Bonakdar’s actual Botox Cosmetic patient demonstrates natural results through the entire range of expressions



With Dr. Bonakdar, There Is Safety in Numbers…

Each year Dr. Bonakdar injects over 40,000 units of Botox Cosmetic and Newtox Jeuveau at her Orange County practice. With the average patient needing an average of 40 units per treatment, she does about 1,000 treatments yearly! As per statistics from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shown below, Dr. Bonakdar does five times more muscle relaxer treatments as compared to the average plastic surgeon and dermatologist!

Dr. Bonakdar is a Diamond Allergan Partner which is Allergan’s highest tier based on purchasing volume proving that Dr. Bonakdar uses a lot of injectable products like Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm family of fillers.


What Are The Benefits Botox Cosmetic & Newtox Jeuveau? 

  • Get rid of excessive forehead lines
  • Get rid of angry lines between brows
  • Open up the eyes by lifting the distal end of brows upward- referred to as a non-surgical brow lift or chemical brow lift
  • Get rid of wolf lines or bunny lines on the bridge of the nose
  • Get rid of crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Lift up the down-turned mouth corners
  • Get rid of jowls by reshaping the jaw contour
  • Reshape and thin out wide lower face and jaw angles from overactive clenching and grinding muscles
  • Get rid of neck cords and necklace lines with her proprietary Necktox treatment
  • Stop excessive underarm sweating


On Label Versus Off Label

Even though not all these areas that Dr. Bonakdar uses Botox and Newtox Jeuveau are FDA approved indications, physicians are allowed to use any FDA approved drug for purposes that in their professional judgment is both safe and effective. This is called Off Label Use. There is extensive medical literature to support the use of neuromodulators Off Label. With her vast experience, Dr. Bonakdar is an expert in reshaping and enhancing the entire face using neuromodulators off label.

Don’t Let Your Fear Stop You

All aesthetically oriented individuals have concerns when it comes to aesthetic procedures. These concerns include fear of unnatural results, fear of pain and fear of bruising and downtime.

Customized Treatments for the Results You Want

Everyone’s facial injectable aesthetic goals are different and can vary from subtle under the radar, to natural-looking, to dramatic looking improvement. Dr. Bonakdar customizes your precise treatment choosing the neurotoxin and fillers that are right for you to achieve the results you want while making sure that your results appear pleasing at rest as well as during facial movements.


Dr. Bonakdar’s Bruise-Free Injection Methods

No one wants to get a bruise with this in-office treatment. Dr. Bonakdar minimizes your bruising risk with her Bruise-Free Method. To start with, using ice and her “Gucci Needles”, already gives you an advantage. For those who tend to bruise easily, Dr. Bonakdar uses a handheld infrared vein finder called Accuvein. This technologically advanced tool locates the veins under the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. Using an Accuvein, Dr. Bonakdar prevents embarrassing bruises from happening. Lastly, those who have life event challenges and absolutely cannot have a bruise, can opt for our Pretreatment Comfort Package Frozen C Cryogen application prior to any injectable treatment for pain-free and bruise-free treatments.

How Much Do Botox Cosmetic and Newtox Jeuveau Treatments Cost?

Instead of hunting for cheap Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport or Xeomin near you every time you are due, know that Bonakdar Institute rewards loyal clients with a 15% discount on their muscle relaxer treatments when done with fillers or when done on VIP Days. Also, at Bonakdar Institute, your treatment is done by Dr. Monica Bonakdar every single time for consistent results, and not delegated to a nurse or physician assistant. So, you get the best results at the best prices. Bonakdar Institute pricing ranges from $11 to $15 per unit.

Regular Pricing:

  • Regular pricing applies on regular days.
  • Same-day appointments are available.
  • Botox is $15 per unit. Jeuveau is $13 per unit.
  • The minimum purchase units are 20 units.

Special Pricing

  • Special pricing applies on VIP Tox Days which are the first and third Wednesday of the month.
  • Special pricing also applies when you have your Botox or Jeuveau done with your fillers!
  • Botox is $13 per unit. Jeuveau is $11 per unit.
  • Pre-book your 3-4 yearly VIP Day appointments and as a thank, you for your loyalty, get a FREE Gloss Peel at each of your VIP Day appointment (Value $150 x 4 appointments= $600!)
  • The minimum purchase units are 20.

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Scheduling Your Appointment At Our Orange County Practice

The next step is to schedule your Botox consultation with Dr. Bonakdar is to contact our practice. We invite you to watch the video below to learn more about our consultation process. Our expert staff looks forward to meeting you!

Additional Neurotoxin Frequently Asked Questions

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