News Specials – Reveal a ‘New You’

News Specials – Reveal a ‘New You’


Bonakdar Institute Can Help Reveal a ‘New You’

Dr. Monica Bonakdar of the Bonakdar Institute specializes in skin care for Newport Beach women and men. She discusses which treatments can help fulfill new year’s resolutions to achieve a more beautiful appearance.

Newport Beach, California (January 2012) – January is traditionally the time for new year’s resolutions, and Dr. Monica Bonakdar of the Bonakdar Institute ( wants to help men and women reach their goals that involve enhancing the appearance of their skin. She offers tips on Newport Beach med spa and skin rejuvenation treatments.

“Because of the beautiful weather that we have in Southern California, correcting sun damage is No. 1 on many of my patients’ wish lists,” Dr. Bonakdar says. “They’ve spent too much time without sunblock and hats, and now they’re paying the price. They have that leathery skin that makes them appear much older than they are.

“When they ask me about treatment options for skin care in Newport Beach, I often suggest laser therapy. Laser treatments can resurface the skin to remove sun spots and replace that leathery look with evenly toned and textured skin.”

Dr. Bonakdar says the benefits of these treatments can be maintained by following her No. 1 tip for beautiful skin of any age: “Minimize direct exposure to the sun. Always using sunscreen and wearing a hat is the best way to protect your skin’s appearance, and its health.”

Another common new year’s resolution is: Do something about those wrinkles and facial lines.

“I have people come in who have spent so much money on over-the-counter lotions, potions and creams that claim to remove wrinkles,” Dr. Bonakdar says. “In general, those drugstore remedies don’t live up to their marketing promises.”

She says the best solutions are usually professional skin rejuvenation treatments such as injectable fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Newport Beach patients with crow’s feet and frown lines typically can benefit most from BOTOX Cosmetic.

“For those with facial creases, such as smile lines and hollows under the cheeks, I usually recommend an injectable filler such as Bellafill® or JUVÉDERM®,” Dr. Bonakdar says.

To learn more about BOTOX Cosmetic, skin care and other treatments from aesthetic specialist Dr. Bonakdar, request a consultation online or call us at (949) 393-3433 to schedule an appointment.