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In 500 BC, Greek mathematician and sculptor Phidias, discovered that all beautiful objects, both in nature and man-made, reveal a specific ratio or proportion when broken down into their sub-parts- namely a ratio of 1.618 to 1. This ratio was called Phi Ratio, Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion. This ratio is seen in all beautiful… Read More

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Sunscreen Comes In Two Formulations MonBon Shade All Day is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA/UVB SPF 40 protection which comes in two formulations- a physical colored version called Tinted, and a combination physical and chemical version called Sheer. Here is the skinny on the difference between these two sunscreen categories. Physical Sunscreens Physical sunscreen contains… Read More

dermatology in newport beach ca

Yes! But let me explain! When I was a young doctor starting my aesthetic practice, I was puzzled by some of the new patients who came to see me declaring that they aged overnight! I didn’t understand why a woman in her 40’s or 50’s would insist that she did not have a single wrinkle… Read More

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As a beauty expert, I look for skincare products outside of my exclusive MonBon brand that has unique ingredients and skin transforming power. Defenage is one such brand. Defenage is an exclusive clinical skincare line that has been around since 2016 with the ability to unlock the skin’s potential to remain youthful. Defenage contains powerful… Read More

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Beauty Is Genetic In August 2016, I did a series of posts on celebrity mothers and offsprings who look like doppelgangers, making a point that beauty is genetic. Those lucky enough to possess it, will pass it on to their offspring. In this series, I featured Susan Lori Loughlin and daughters Isabella and Olivia Giannulli,… Read More

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BOTOX Botox has come a long way in the last 3 decades since its first FDA approval. It is currently FDA approved for a handful of medical conditions and cosmetic applications, and it holds close to 800 patents for potential future uses. BOTOX COSMETIC Botox Cosmetic is indeed the most popular cosmetic enhancement being performed… Read More

dermatology in newport beach ca

We are all familiar with the hyaluronic acid / HA dermal fillers and their capacity to bind to 1000 times their weight to water which restores volume loss in the skin. HA fillers have been available in the United States for the last 2 decades and have become one of the most popular nonsurgical facial… Read More

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Beautiful lips are appreciated by all humans regardless of their geographical and cultural differences. This is because ideal lips have certain predictable attributes. Ideal lips have two halves that are identical twin images of each other. Even though most beautiful human faces may not be completely symmetrical, we still find most beautiful lips to be… Read More

Besides sunscreen, Retinoic Acid from Vitamin A, is one of the most important antiaging ingredients known for prevention and correction of ageing skin. The history of this interesting molecule began in 1971 with its discovery by the famous dermatologist, Dr. Albert Kligman. Retinoic Acid was sold under the name of Retin-A as an extremely effective… Read More

I often say that my career purpose and my greatest joy are to transform my clients into youthful and beautiful, natural versions of themselves, thus, increasing their happiness and self-confidence. So, it seemed fitting to ask what exactly is self-confidence? Self-confidence involves both feelings and actions. It is how someone thinks about herself as well… Read More