AmpliPhi Filler Treatment

AmpliPhi Filler Treatment


AmpliPhi Filler Treatment is a new, non-surgical facial rejuvenation and lifting procedure offered exclusively by cosmetic physician Dr. Monika Bonakdar. AmpliPhi Filler Treatment is a cosmetic service that establishes naturally beautiful facial proportions and eliminates the signs of facial aging without surgery, general anesthesia or downtime.*

If you live in Orange County or Newport Beach and would like to restore your youthful beauty with AmpliPhi, contact Bonakdar Institute today by calling (949) 721-6000 or completing the form on this page to schedule a personal consultation at our facility in Corona Del Mar.

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio

The ancient Greeks believed that all beauty is mathematical, and adheres to a “golden ratio” of 1.618 to 1. This ratio can be found throughout nature, architecture, art and facial symmetry. They named the number 1.618 “Phi”.  

Our brains subconsciously appreciate this golden ratio, but it is only one component of facial beauty. In an ideal youthful female, we notice flawless skin, symmetrical features, arched brows, large eyes, high cheekbones, a small nose, full lips and a tight lower jaw with a sharp jaw angle. In an ideal youthful male, we see flawless skin, symmetrical features, low set brows, low full cheeks, a dominant nose and chin and a wide-set, dominant jaw with a crisp angle.

AmpliPhi Filler Treatment addresses all these aspects of facial beauty.*

How is AmpliPhi Filler Treatment Performed

How is AmpliPhi Filler Treatment Performed?

AmpliPhi Filler Treatment employs the golden ratio as a mathematical blueprint while utilizing Juvederm Ultra Plus and Juvederm Voluma to non-surgically restore your youthful facial beauty without general anesthesia, incisions, scars or downtime.* Unlike a traditional facelift, which produces a two-dimensional appearance by pulling and tightening facial skin, AmpliPhi Filler Treatment adds volume to address sinking, sagging and wrinkling skin. By increasing needed volume, Dr. Bonakdar can provide a beautiful, youthful and natural-looking facial appearance.*

During your 30-minute in-office procedure, AmpliPhi Filler Treatment will:

  • Add volume to the temple area*
  • Correct brow sagging*
  • Lift cheeks to a prominent position*
  • Add volume beneath the eyes*
  • Eliminate sagging jowls*
  • Re-contour the area around the chin and mouth*
  • Strengthen the jaw line*
  • Tighten skin in the upper neck*

Traditionally, cosmetic fillers are injected into the skin with needles. However, AmpliPhi Filler Treatment uses a unique approach to filler placement by utilizing cannulas instead of needles. This innovative technique prevents unnecessary pain, bruising and downtime and requires only a minimal amount of local anesthesia.* Patients can drive themselves to and from the office and resume normal activity immediately following the treatment.* There is no need for home recovery or pain management.* Results are instant and improve over the first two-weeks of the procedure.*

The Bonakdar Advantage

The Bonakdar Advantage

You can’t find AmpliPhi Filler Treatment anywhere but Bonakdar Institute. After decades of aesthetic practice, thousands of filler treatments and intense study of facial aesthetics, Dr. Bonakdar has developed an original and proprietary approach to facial rejuvenation. She is committed to working closely with you to understand your unique goals, concerns and facial anatomy. Her warmth and attention will make you feel immediately welcome and comfortable. Her technical skill and artistic eye will help ensure your results are beautiful and natural-looking.*

If you are ready to reduce the signs of facial aging quickly and comfortably, contact Newport Beach cosmetic physician Dr. Monica Bonakdar today to discuss AmpliPhi by calling (949) 721-6000 or completing the form on this page. Bonakdar Institute is located in Corona Del Mar and welcomes patients from Orange County and throughout California.