Feminine Rejuvenation with ThermiVa

ThermiVa Treatment in Orange County, CA

No Surgery, No Downtime, No Anesthesia, A Safe In-Office Procedure For Improved Moisture, Tightness, And Urinary Incontinence.

With childbirth, a woman’s vaginal opening and internal vaginal canal stretch. Many women experience diminished sexual pleasure and urinary incontinence or the inability to hold their urine. Similarly, perimenopause, menopause and diseases that lead to hysterectomy or chemotherapy, reduce reproductive hormones and lead to vaginal wall thinning, dryness and inflammation.

Until recently, women had few options for addressing these feminine issues that made them feel like they lost control of their body. Thanks to ThermiVa and O Shot, women can now overcome these concerns and improve their quality of life.

Feminine Rejuvenation at Bonakdar Institute

You will notice and love the changes you experience after just three simple ThermiVa treatments.  You will not only enjoy an increase in sexual gratification with your partner, you will gain an improved sense of self-esteem.  If you feel as though you could use a little sprucing up, there is no reason to delay. At Bonakdar Institute, we can help you determine if ThermiVa is the right cosmetic service for you and ensure you have realistic expectations.

If you live in Orange County and are considering ThermiVa to regain vaginal tightness, contact Bonakdar Institute by calling (949) 721-6000 or by completing the form on this page to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients from Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, California.

vaginal rejuvenation in orange county

What is ThermiVa?

Thermiva is a safe, comfortable, non-surgical feminine rejuvenation procedure with both cosmetic and functional benefits.

In many practices, it is either a male physician or a female nurse performing the treatment. Dr. Bonakdar is the only one in this practice who performs ThermiVa® and Oshot®.

What Are The Benefits of ThermiVa?

ThermiVa Cosmetic Benefits include improvement of the appearance of the vaginal labia and vaginal laxity.

ThermiVa Functional Benefits include improvement vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and sexual pleasure.

ThermiVa Other Benefits include improved self-esteem.

ThermiVA offers a number of benefits for women experiencing the structural and hormonal changes of aging, including:

  • Restoring appearance of labia
  • Restoring tightness of vaginal canal
  • Improving vaginal dryness that occurs with perimenopause and menopause
  • Improving bladder leakage that occurs with perimenopause and menopause
  • Improving sexual pleasure due to all above and rejuvenation of the nerve endings in the g-spot area

Candidates for ThermiVa

Women who have struggled with decreased sensitivity, inability to experience orgasm, vaginal dryness, pain with sex, reduced sexual desire and urinary leakage or incontinence are ideal candidates for ThermiVa, as well as the O Shot treatment.

How Does Thermiva Work?

This revolutionary treatment delivers radiofrequency energy to the internal and external genitalia, gently heating these tissues much like a warm comfortable massage. The heat awakens the nerve endings and rebuilds the tissue’s collagen, thus restoring the function and appearance of the vaginal structures.

How Much Does a ThermiVa Treatment Cost?

The pricing for ThermiVa is $3,000 for three treatments. At our practice, all treatments are performed by Dr. Bonakdar. It is important to note that other practices that offer cheaper treatments are not always performed by a doctor, and that the ThermiVa hand piece can be reused multiple times. If you are looking for professional treatment, we highly recommend avoiding cheaper alternatives.

If you suffer from vaginal looseness and would like to learn how Dr. Monica Bonakdar can help you, please contact Bonakdar Institute by calling (949) 721-6000 or by completing the form on this page to schedule a consultation.

Thermiva FAQs

How Many ThermiVa Treatments Will I Need?

We typically recommend 3 treatments performed 4 weeks apart. You will notice improvement after your first procedure, but your complete results are achieved one month after your last session. Maintenance treatments are recommended one to two times per year thereafter. Alternatively, we recommend that you add O Shot to your ThermiVa for faster and better results.

What can I expect during my ThermiVa treatment?

Each 30-minute procedure is divided between treatment of the internal and external vaginal area based on problems being addressed.

Is there any downtime associated with ThermiVa?

The ThermiVa procedure does not require downtime. You can exercise, have intercourse and bathe as you normally do. If you have a ThermiVa treatment on the outer vaginal tissues, the skin may be slightly pink for up to 60 minutes.

Does Thermiva hurt?

ThermiVa procedure does not result in any pain. The treatment handpiece is 0.5″ wide- no bigger than the width of a finger. Most women feel at ease during the procedure. Pain during or after this treatment is extremely rare. There are no activity restrictions with ThermiVa. You may resume exercise, bathing, and intercourse immediately after your treatment.

How Long Is ThermiVa Treatment?

Each treatment takes 30 minutes or less. You may need up to three monthly treatments initially.

How Soon Will I See Results After ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation?

You will notice a difference immediately after the treatment. Full collagen development may take a few weeks or longer.

How Long Do Results of ThermiVa Last?

Maintenance treatments with ThermiVa help keep the tissues tightened and replace any lose collagen. You may need these types of treatments every none to 12 months.

What is the difference between ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch?

ThermiVa and MonaLisa Touch offer women a non-surgical treatment for feminine issues, such as inadequate lubrication, laxity and incontinence. The advantages of ThermiVA are:

  • No Downtime – MonaLisa Touch requires up to three days of activity restriction, including intercourse
  • Treatment Area – ThermiVa is appropriate for use on the internal and external vaginal tissues; whereas, MonaLisa Touch only treats the internal tissues
  • Side Effects – No side effects have been noted for ThermiVA, and the MonaLisa Touch® may cause pain, swelling and redness
  • Patient Comfort – The ThermiVA system relies on a 0.5” applicator to deliver radiofrequency energy, and the applicator for MonaLisa Touch® measures approximately one inch.

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Feminine Rejuvenation at Bonakdar Institute