The Silent Epidemic: Female Sexual Dysfunction


Not So Equal Playing Ground

Sexual dysfunction happens to both men and women.

Male sexual dysfunction solutions are plenty and are well known. In fact, Viagra is practically a household word.

I am happy to announce that now the medical community now has solutions to treat female sexual dysfunction.

Over 60% of women at some point in their lives suffer from sexual dysfunction and or urinary incontinence. But only 12-15% of these women reach out to their doctors.

These are women in all age ranges including young women during childbearing years, all the way to middle age and older women who are perimenopausal or postmenopausal.

It’s Not Normal Just Because It Happens

Obviously, this is an embarrassing and intimidating topic to bring up during a doctor’s visit. In fact, taboo and stigma associated with this subject prevent women from discussing it with their girlfriends. The other reason for few women asking for help is because not many women know that there are treatments for sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Many women just assume that the changes they are experiencing
are part of their normal aging that they must endure- hence the reasons for this silent epidemic.

Research has shown that the cause of many types of sexual dysfunction like the inability to achieve orgasm, painful sex, vaginal dryness and discomfort, lack of sexual drive along with all types of urinary incontinence are because of hormonal and structural change of the vaginal tissue which results in the tissue’s inability to carry out normal functions. This is an incredible advancement because we are able to use your own body’s fluid to heal your body instead of resorting to medications that expose you to many adverse effects.

Your Blood To The Rescue

Oshot is a painless in-office treatment that uses the science of PRP or platelet-rich plasma which are the helper elements in the blood. Wherever in the body PRP is introduced, it starts the wound healing cascade, recruiting your stem cells to accumulate in the needed tissue and mature to the needed cells and reestablish the healthy tissue functions.

The procedure starts with topical numbing followed by a blood draw to obtain your own Platelet Rich Plasma. After the area is numb, I administer two simple injections- one in the internal vaginal area of erogenous zone and urethra and one in the external vaginal areas including the labia and clitoris. There is no downtime and you return to normal activity right away.

Everyone worries about pain with treatment, but this is a painless treatment. I make sure to take the necessary steps so that you have a pleasant experience.

Everyone wants to know how quickly they will see results. The results seen really depend on how healthy you are. I have seen it work right of way in women who are super healthy. I usually say to give it three to six months, but to the delight of my patients, it usually takes less time.

The last question women ask me is how often they need to repeat Oshot. The results can last for many years, although most of my patients opt to maintain their results with yearly treatments.

And The Gratitude Keeps Coming

It has helped an incredible number of patients in my practice. I have seen it change the lives of women who were no longer enjoying sex and were afraid of losing their partner to experiencing greater arousal and stronger orgasms and to really enjoy intimacy and their partner again. I have seen it change lives of women whose life were dictated with running to the bathroom and using incontinence pads to gain control of their body and hold back urine voluntarily.

I have received many flowers, hugs and thank you from my patients and their partners telling me I have improved their self-confidence and saved their marriage.

If you are ready for your private consultation and treatment with me in
the safety and comfort of an all-female practice, I invite you to call my office at 949-721-