Five Types of Wrinkles and How to Prevent and Treat Them


Did you know that different types of wrinkles have different causes? Classifying wrinkles helps to determine ideal methods to prevent as well as to treat them.

    • Dynamic Expression Wrinkles

What are they: These are wrinkles that happen when we make facial expressions like furrow lines between the brows from frowning or crow’s feet around the eyes from squinting.

My prevention recommendation: As facial expressions are unavoidable, there isn’t a prevention method to dynamic wrinkles.

My treatment recommendation: I use Botox Cosmetic to relax the facial expression thus softening these wrinkles.

    • Static or Atrophic Wrinkles

What are they: These are wrinkles that became permanently etched in the skin from repetitive dynamic facial expressions like furrow lines between brows that are sometimes referred to number 11’s. These tend to worsen over time as more of the skin collagen and elastin is broken down from the muscle movement.

My prevention recommendation: Start Botox Cosmetic treatments early before your expression lines become permanently etched in your skin.

My treatment recommendation: I have seen superficial etched in lines improve with regular Botox treatments every 3-4 months. However, deep lines require fillers.

    • Actinic Elastosis Wrinkles

What are they: These are fine that can mature into coarse lines on the skin due to excessive sun exposure and ultraviolet damage

My prevention recommendation: I recommend fanatical use of sunscreen to prevent this type of wrinkle.

My treatment recommendation: Skin resurfacing with lasers and medium to deep chemical peels correct this type of damage.

    • Compression Wrinkles or Sleep Lines

What are they: These wrinkles begin from compression of the skin during sleep. They start out as temporary markings which disappear throughout the day. But with time they become etched onto the skin.

My prevention recommendation: Clinical skincare to improve the health of their skin is important for individuals who are prone to this type of damage.

My treatment recommendation: Once these lines are etched in the skin, fillers and or skin resurfacing are the best correction methods.

    • Gravitation or Aging Wrinkles

What are they: With facial aging, there is significant loss of soft tissue in the face especially the mid face. This causes the skin of the midface to sag downwards and forwards forming jowls and marionette lines or aging wrinkles.

My prevention recommendation: Start noninvasive tightening and lifting procedures like Ultherapy and Vivace early to prevent a future facelift.

My treatment recommendation: The aesthetic community used to think that a facelift is the ultimate treatment of a sagging face. Now we know that much of aging and sagging is due to face soft tissue volume loss and early prevention and correction is the key. Volume correction with fillers can reverse sagging.

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