MonBon Skin Diaries: Defenage 3-D Eye Radiance Cream


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As a beauty expert, I look for skincare products outside of my exclusive MonBon brand that has unique ingredients and skin transforming power. Defenage is one such brand. Defenage is an exclusive clinical skincare line that has been around since 2016 with the ability to unlock the skin’s potential to remain youthful. Defenage contains powerful Defensins® which are naturally occurring regenerative peptides in our body with age-repairing and antibacterial properties.

The skin contains a set of 10 special stem cells that are dormant their entire life until there is a need for wound healing. When there is a skin injury, Defensins are secreted and trigger the master stem cell to start self-renewal cycle and produce an abundance of skin cells. These skin cells ensure optimal skin heath by healing the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss, and protecting the skin against external aggression.

In the clinical studies, a computerized skin imaging system was used to look at 16 skin features. This showed VISIBLE REDUCTION IN SKIN AGING OF UP TO 18 YEARS IN JUST 6 WEEKS including firmer, brighter, smoother, softer and more even skin with a decrease in pore size, age spots, lines, and wrinkles.

Completely different from growth factors that activate many cell functions indiscriminately, Defensins specifically target with skin’s Master Stem Cells to unlock the skin’s wound healing and age-correcting properties.

A recent study showed that Defensin peptides rejuvenate facial skin like retinoic acid, but without the irritation. The big difference is that Retinols stimulate existing old and exhausted skin cells to produce more skin cells. Defensins stimulate dormant young and healthy stem cells to wake up and produce new and fresh skin cells thus making the skin act younger.

The line contains a total of 5 products that can be used exclusively or integrated into an existing skin regimen. The daily routine starts with 1-Step Multi-Cleanse. The Defenage 3-D Eye Radiance Cream is here!

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