MonBon Skin Diaries: The Power of Skin Hydration


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We are all familiar with the hyaluronic acid / HA dermal fillers and their capacity to bind to 1000 times their weight to water which restores volume loss in the skin. HA fillers have been available in the United States for the last 2 decades and have become one of the most popular nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

Interestingly, hyaluronic acid / HA is a naturally occurring molecule in our skin which maintains the moisture barrier and increases the hydration level of skin. This water-loving molecule resides in the extracellular matrix or the spaces between the cells. Pushing on a skin that has a healthy extracellular matrix vs. one that has a depleted extracellular matrix is like sitting on a brand new sofa versus sitting on a decapitated sofa that is ready to be tossed. HA’s and sister products are what gives skin its firmness and resilience.

Hyaluronic acid level of skin decreases with age and leads to many visible signs of aging including dryness, fine lines and laxity. Exposure to colder temperature and drier climate also leave the age challenged skin craving for extra hydration and moisture.

I created MonBon Hydrating Gel to help skin look and feel better, as well as to help it function better. This lightweight gel contains plant derived hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans or GAG’s for short which are sister molecules to hyaluronic acids. These water loving molecules plump the skin full of hydration. A series of complex peptides and growth factor peptides and B vitamins stimulate synthesis collagen and other proteins, which strengthen the skin’s extracellular matrix and improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea extract gives this serum antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

MonBon Hydrating Gel is gentle enough for sensitive, reactive or post-procedure skin. It is non-comedogenic and thus ideal for acne prone skin. It is a clean, fragrance-free and paraben-free product.

What are you using on your skin when you want it to look dewy and feel hydrated? Shop MonBon by clicking HERE.

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