What is O-shot?


o shot in orange county

O-shot is the answer to the silent epidemic affecting women after childbirth and with menopause. An epidemic so silent that most people consider it part of their normal aging. Over 60% of women in their lifetime will suffer from unwelcomed symptoms such as decreased libido, diminished sexual pleasure, and urinary incontinence. Sadly, only 15% of these women will seek help of their physician. Women have been resigned to quietly accept such symptoms as part of their lot in life, not knowing that a solution has arrived. Too embarrassed to mention it to their doctor, they change their life around these symptoms. First, they stop doing physical activities that put stress on the bladder and results in leakage, like jumping and running. But then leaky bladder episodes start happening with less vigorous activities such as laughing and coughing. They no longer have the same libido or sexual desire. They may even have pain with sex due to vaginal dryness. It’s not uncommon for their relationship to begin to suffer.

These symptoms don’t need to be accepted as normal part of aging, because they can now be treated and reversed. O-shot is a game-changing, nonsurgical and no downtime treatment that relieves these symptoms. We’ve all heard of the rejuvenating power of PRP or platelet-rich plasma for skin and joints. PRP is the fraction of the blood that starts the healing cascade and repairs tissue.

O-shot is a short office procedure. It starts with a blood draw. Then the areas to be treated are numbed with topical anesthetic. During this time the PRP is separated by spinning the blood in a centrifuge. After the internal and external vaginal tissues are numb, PRP is injected into the specific vaginal tissues. There is minimal pain and no downtime with the procedure, so one may resume exercise, bathing, and intercourse immediately after treatment. Most women notice some results immediately, which will continue to improve for the next 3 to 6 months. O-Shot has a major impact on a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence… Spread the word

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