Unbelievable Results With UltraPulse® FX


UltraPulse® FX Corona Del Mar, CA

UltraPulse® FX Corona Del Mar, CAThe month of April is named after the goddess Aphrodite to celebrate beauty, and I work with men and women to find solutions that provide unbelievable results without surgery. One of my favorite treatments is UltraPulse® FX, a skin resurfacing system that delivers long-lasting, anti-aging corrections.

The UltraPulse® FX Difference

UltraPulse® FX is a CO2 resurfacing laser is the most powerful CO2 skin treatment system available. It penetrates your skin deeper than comparable systems, and this provides many benefits. My patients typically only need one or two sessions to correct sun damage, wrinkles and other concerns. The depth of the laser penetration also allows me to reduce flaws that might otherwise be considered minimally treatable.

Flexible Treatment Options

Flexibility in treatment options sets me apart from other plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists. UltraPulse® FX provides me with the precision and flexibility that I need to effectively treat your aesthetic issues.

  • For pore reduction, fine lines and pigmentation problems, I use the ActiveFX™ mode.
  • The DeepFX™ mode is beneficial for those with deeper wrinkles, scars, and lesions on the skin.
  • My TotalFX treatment combines the benefits of ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ for patients with cosmetic flaws on multiple layers of the skin.

The Results You Have Been Waiting For

After I treat your skin with UltraPulse® FX, the improvements to your skin evolve. Approximately five to seven days after the treatment, your skin will look smoother. In three to six months, the full skin resurfacing benefits of UltraPulse® FX are obvious. Age spots, fine creases, wrinkles, scars and other concerns are significantly less visible. With proper skin care and protection, your skin will look amazing for many years. I will recommend follow-up treatments as needed to fend off the signs of aging.

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I can help you achieve unbelievable results without cosmetic surgery. To learn more about my UltraPulse® FX treatments, as well as the cellulite treatment, PRP therapy, acne treatments and my other services, contact Bonakdar Institute today to schedule a consultation. You can contact my office in Corona del Mar directly at (949) 721-6000.