ResurFX Restores Skin Glow Without Prolonged Downtime


In Orange County where the sun is shining almost every day, my clients know that they are aging even in the shade! However, they are hesitant to commit to laser treatments that have any amount of downtime and social inconvenience regardless of the benefits achieved.

A new non-ablative technology called ReSurFX has changed laser avoidance behavior and has been well received by our clients.  ReSurFX results combined with its minimal to no social downtime have won the hearts of our Orange County clients in need of serious skincare.

Ask anyone over 30 what they see on their face that has them worried?

They will tell you early signs of aging in a variety of ways

  • Appearance of fine line and wrinkles especially around their eyes and mouth
  • Dull and rough skin
  • Loss of elasticity

Ask our ReSurFX clients what they think of their treatment?

They rave about the improvement of their skin texture, how their skin is glowing and how they look younger and feel healthier.  Not bad for a downtime phobic bunch.

What’s involved in a ReSurFX treatment?

  • 30 minutes of topical anesthetic numbing
  • A 15 minute treatment done by myself
  • Less than an hour of initial heat or sunburn feeling that lifts quickly and responds well to ice packs
  • 3 days of looking a bit pink- nothing make up can’t disguise
  • 3 days of skin feeling a bit rough- not visible to others

What exactly is happening during this treatment?

Much like skin rejuvenation, ReSurFX produces microscopic channels in the skin. These microchannels are used to introduce active ingredients into the skin at the time of the treatment like Vitamin C which is one of the main ingredients needed in making new collagen. These microscopic channels of injury stimulate collagen production without downtime. Collagen production starts within the first month and continues for up to six months after the last treatment has been completed.

Combination treatments

For those serious about skincare, I recommend a series of four treatments done monthly after which I recommend graduating to a monthly skin rejuvenation facial with my aesthetician.

For those who have pigmented sun damage, I recommend combination treatments of Intense Pulse Light/IPL and ReSurFX done in the same session to reduce pigmented damage as well as improve the texture of the skin.

For more information on ReSurFX and other laser treatments by Dr. Bonakdar by contacting us at (949) 393-3433 or