Dr. Bonakdar Discusses PRP Skin Rejuvenation


PRP is the new natural way to heal and rejuvanate the skin.

What is PRP?

Sometimes referred to as the Vampire Facelift or the Liquid Gold Treatment, PRP is a non-laser, antiaging treatment using your own blood plasma that stimulates aging skin to heal itself. It is ideal for those using topical anti-aging skincare regimen who are bothered by the accelerating aging changes in their skin tone and texture.

How does PRP work?

PRP is produced using patient’s own blood.  A vial of patient’s blood is drawn and centrifuged resulting in 3 layers: a top plasma layer, a middle layer that is rich in platelets and the bottom red blood cell layer.

This middle layer is then activated into SuperHero, Super-Healer Platelets that think there is an injury in the body and thus start stimulating local cell to gorw and prpduce growth factors. When these SuperHero, Super-Healer Platelets are introduced to the aging skin, they stimulate growth of fibroblasts or baby skin cells which responsible for youthful collagen rich skin.

What does PRP Rejuvenation Treatment involve?

First the areas being treated are numbed with a topical anesthetic. Then the patient’s blood is drawn to be processed. Then the SuperHero, Super-Healer Platelets are introduced to the skin during a Microneedling treatment and also injected directly into the skin much like a filler. I recommend a series of 4 monthly treatments that take less than an hour to perform. Make up can be applied within an hour after the treatment. Some redness in the treated area may last a day and minor bruising may occur in areas injected with a needle but should clear in a week.

Where conditions and areas are addressed with PRP Rejuvenation Treatment?

The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck and chest. The most commonly conditions are crepe, loose, saggy skin with wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, acne scars, enlarged pores and hair loss.

What are the benefits of PRP Rejuvenation Treatment?

The PRP acts as a matrix that promotes skin’s own collagen growth much like what fertilizer does for grass. Because the process is controlled by your own body, the results are a NATURAL IMPROVEMENT of the skin tone, tightness and texture, softening of the under eye hollow, and thickening of skin. Optimal results are seen 60 days after your last treatment. Final results last a year or longer.

How safe are PRP Treatments?

Healing the body via PRP Treatments is as natural as you can get and extremely safe without risk of allergic reaction or infection. In fact PRP has been used for years to speed up joint, tendon and tissue healing in professional athletes as well as race horses with results good enough for demanding champions.