My Hands Dont Match Me


“My face looks great, but my hands are a dead give away Ugh! What can I do?”

The mismatch

The cosmetic and plastic surgery industry has always focused on the face. It’s only in recent years that the neck and chest were given attention. So there were all kinds of things we could do from the chest up to look younger, more vital and more beautiful.

But our HANDS! If anything shouts “old” it’s bony hands with thick blue veins.

Well, now’s the time to fix that! No matter what the problem, there is a solution. Here are some to consider:

  • Skeletal hands with veins – Artefill or Juvederm can instantly plump up the backs of your hands to hide veins and bones. I use cannulas instead of needles to make the injection process easy, comfortable and with the least chance of bruising.
  • Age Spots – We all hate spots that are sometimes inelegantly referred to as liver spots…ugh. Outside of wearing gloves, they show up on nearly everyone! IPL can lift spots in about 7 days. Fraxel will change skin texture and stimulate some natural collagen thickening.
  • Crepey skin texture – Pelleve is a surprisingly easy way to tighten up lax skin on the hands. Tissue heating generates collagen responses deep down so you get a natural “cushioning” and a shrinking of excess skin that causes that crepe-paper appearance.

Which filler is the better choice?

Artefill is as near-permanent as you can get with a filler and will last for years. The presence of the tiny micro spheres continues the replenishment of natural collagen.

Juvederm is a hyaluronic gel with shorter longevity but in the hands will generally last about a year in a healthy individual. Juvederm can be dissolved while Artefill, once placed, is there to stay.

What for my  Spots?

IPL (Photofacial) uses bright light to shatter the pigment granules. This makes them easy for the body to shed. They’ll look like coffee granules and then wash off in about a week.

Fraxel is a fractional laser and creates tiny columns of super-heated tissue. The response to this process is both an exfoliation of pigmented cells and collagen generation that smooths and tightens.

You mean no more crepe-paper skin?

Aging skin can become like tissue paper that stays crumpled looking. The issue here is volume loss and elastosis (elastosis is a breakdown of the stretch properties of the skin). Pelleve is called the “wrinkle wand” because it smooths wrinkles and tightens the skin. Several sessions usually make a nice change and when combined with other treatments for the hands can literally de-age your hands so you’ll be happy to show off your jewelry once more.