Announcing the Bonakdar Institute!


When I first focused my practice in Orange County on cosmetic dermatology, in 2000, I named my practice Beauty, Laser & Wellness Center. This name was descriptive of what I did at the time. Namely, the goal was to create beauty and wellness by using lasers.

However, fast forwarding to 2012, I have decided to change the name of my practice because Beauty, Laser & Wellness Center no longer describes the essence of what I do. I have shifted my goals from being the creator of beauty to the restorer of youth, and the repairer of the natural and accelerated aging processes. What we equate with beauty is in most cases actually the characteristic of youthfulness. As human beings we are genetically programmed and attracted to youthful individuals. Everyone wants to look young or at least ageless.

The field of cosmetic dermatology has advanced beyond just lasers. Nowadays multiple energy platforms including radiofrequency, ultrasound and microwave to name a few, are used, as well as laser resurfacing in Newport Beach, in the quest to repair and restore the aging face and body.

After much deliberation, I have decided to change the name of my practice to Bonakdar Institute. What makes my practice unique is the fact that the majority of the treatments are done by me and not by mid-level providers, such as nurses and physician assistants. My clients are happy to return for on-going treatments. They are also proud to refer their friends and family to me knowing that I myself will be the one seeing and taking care of their loved ones.

Bonakdar Institute is a fitting name for what this practice has become – a cutting edge practice where safe treatments with consistent and amazing result are done by Dr. Bonakdar.