Monthly Archives: June 2011

Why We Love Lasers

It seems that there’s a laser treatment in Orange County for every concern –whether it be skin rejuvenation, fat reduction, or hair removal. The popularity of lasers has increased dramatically, and for good reason. Lasers can provide noticeable results with very little downtime. In fact, laser technology has become so advanced that, for most procedures,… Read More

Faster Hair Removal

As a lecturer and trainer for Lumenis® laser, I have the opportunity to travel and introduce doctors to a revolutionary approach to laser hair removal in Orange County and other areas. The Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ is an improved laser technology that results in faster laser hair removal and improved patient comfort. Both patients and practitioners… Read More

Why Freshness Matters with BOTOX®

In Southern California, we know the benefits of choosing fresh, locally grown produce: it is more sustainable, may use less harmful farming practices, and provides better nutrition. But did you know that the “freshness” of your BOTOX® in Orange County also matters? In fact, the effectiveness of your treatment may depend, in part, to how… Read More