Choose a Platinum Provider


Allergan, the maker of BOTOX, awards Platinum Provider status to a select group of physicians who use their products. In order to become a Platinum Provider, a physician must perform a certain number of BOTOX injections. Platinum Provider status is one of the highest levels of recognition given by Allergan.

I’ve been an Orange County BOTOX® Cosmetic Platinum Provider since 2006. This means that I have accumulated a great deal of experience using this product. Because so many men and women have chosen me for BOTOX, I’ve been able to refine and perfect my injection technique.

Quality vs. Quantity

There are some who say that Platinum status recognizes quantity, not quality. But to me, in order to serve so many people who want BOTOX, my practice has had to prove itself a leader in this treatment and offer beautiful results again and again.

I’ve seen the benefit of experience in many other areas. I am also:

  • An established lecturer and trainer for Lumenis® lasers
  • An advisor to the Allergan’s LATISSE® Advisory Board
  • A Facial Aesthetic Trainer with Allergan for BOTOX Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, and LATISSE
  • A national trainer for Artefill® dermal filler and my practice has been selected as an Artefill Center of Excellence
  • A participant in the JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel multi-center study

I’m living proof that quantity improves quality. Over my many many years of experience, I’ve gotten even better at what I do – particularly with popular procedures like laser hair removal in Orange County. Whether it’s for liposuction or BOTOX, I strongly advise everyone to choose an experienced provider.