Skin Lifting and Tightening with Ultherapy


If you're worried about undergoing surgery to lift sagging skin on your face and neck, now is the time to put your worries aside and take action. Dr. Bonakdar offers an alternative to facial surgery that lifts and tightens the skin with no incisions and no downtime. Ultherapy® at our Orange County center in Newport Beach can tighten and lift the skin, getting rid of unwanted sags and wrinkles, with safe and effective ultrasound technology.

Before & After Photos

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Before Ultherapy   After Ultherapy

Before Ultherapy Treatment


Results After Ultherapy Treatment

Before Ultherapy   After Ultherapy

Before Ultherapy Treatment


Results 90 Days After
Ultherapy Treatment


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To learn more about ultrasound skin tightening in Newport Beach, request a consultation online or call us at (949) 393-3433 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bonakdar is a skilled cosmetic physician offering a range of effective treatments for the face and body.

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Treatment With Ulthera®

The Ulthera® System employs 2 specialized types of ultrasound technology. First, the system's DeepSee® ultrasound energy is used to look deep below the skin and see the exact layers of soft tissue that would best respond to treatment. Then, the Ulthera System penetrates deep beneath the skin, reaching tissue that until now could only be treated through open surgery. The ultrasound energy precisely heats the targeted tissue and jumpstarts the body's natural collagen-producing mechanisms, restoring much needed lifting and tightening to aging skin. These changes can be seen immediately using ultrasound technology. If you are looking for a way to tighten and lift your skin on your face, neck or chest, Ulthera may be a good option for you.

Treatment typically lasts from a half-hour to an hour. The device is placed over the treatment area and delivers low levels of targeted heat energy to the right depth beneath the skin. The heat energy stimulates your body's natural collagen-making process, which restores the skin over time. 

After Treatment

After your Ultherapy treatment, you will be ready to return to everyday activities right away. Your skin may look flushed, but the redness should fade within a few hours. There may be slight tenderness and swelling which is normal and subsides on its own. Dr. Bonakdar will discuss your results and any possible side effects with you before you undergo treatment.

The lifting and toning appears gradually as new collagen is produced. Full results take up to 3-6 months to appear, although there is often some noticeable change immediately. You will see an improvement in skin tightness after just one treatment, however, as aging is a contiual process, Dr. Bonakdar recommends additional yearly treatments. 

Explore Your Options

If you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles but have good skin elasticity, you may be interested in injectable fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, or BOTOX® Cosmetic. In some cases, these treatments can be combined. If you're a good candidate for combined treatments, Dr. Bonakdar will discuss that option with you.