Choosing a Dermatologist


We understand your concerns about choosing the right practice for cosmetic dermatology and skin care in Newport Beach. Training, experience, reputation and specialties are critical criteria for selecting a cosmetic doctor. You want to be sure the doctor has performed the procedure that interests you many times. It is not enough for a doctor to say, "I've done that;" you want to hear, "I do that all the time."

The most important rule when choosing the best cosmetic dermatology specialist in Orange County is to never compromise. A reputable, caring physician will always be willing to answer your questions, address concerns, discuss expectations and explain the procedure and its recovery process in detail. To have your questions answered by a highly qualified skin care specialist in Corona Del Mar, request a consultation online with Dr. Monica Bonakdar or call us at (949) 393-3433.

Seek Recommendations

Recommendations or referrals can be a great way to select a Newport Beach med spa or doctor. More than likely, a friend or family member will not recommend a doctor unless that doctor has completely earned their trust. Your general practitioner (family doctor) is another trustworthy source for a referral to a cosmetic dermatology practice in the Corona Del Mar and Irvine area. If you do not have a recommendation, the following preliminary checks will prepare you prior to your consultation with a doctor.

Things to Consider & Questions to Ask

  • Is the doctor willing to discuss possible side-effects or potential drawbacks of your treatment?
  • Will she/he tailor a regimen just for you, or is there a standard treatment for everyone?
  • How long has your doctor been practicing?
  • How many procedures of the type you are interested in does the doctor perform daily/weekly?
  • What are the doctor's credentials? Don't hesitate to ask where the doctor was educated.
  • Before-and-after photographs can provide some indication of the doctor's ability; however, be advised that these photos are not a guarantee of the result you will achieve. Each patient is different and the doctor can help determine the kind of results you may expect.
  • Be aware of your doctor's working environment. Notice cleanliness of the office setting.

These are some basic guidelines for choosing a dermatologist. The bottom line is that, in addition to a careful assessment of the doctor's credentials, you need to trust your instincts about whether or not they feel right for you. Confidence counts, so be sure you are completely comfortable after your consultation.